Your First Visit

Orthodontics is non-invasive and so, is well received from most patients. Fear or apprehension is seldom an issue, but we eliminate any potential problem by fully explaining every step of the way to our patients.

At your first visit, you will be greeted at the front desk and will fill out our health history form. To assist with your paperwork, please remember to bring your insurance card with you. Next, the patient will proceed with diagnostic records, consisting of photos of your teeth and smile and digital panorex and cephalometric radiographs with the treatment coordinator.

This appointment completes the data gathering process and allows for a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan. The diagnosis and treatment plan are then reviewed at a subsequent consultation appointment. At the consultation, we then work together to decide what the best treatment is for you. Dr. Rahimi or Dr. Newton will then perform an examination, and discuss your teeth, bite, and related problems and related problems. We will discuss treatment options and demonstrate applicable appliances if needed, while answering any questions that may arise.

If treatment is necessary, we will explain our fee plan, discuss insurance options and answer any questions. You will leave the office with an initial examination summary, clinical findings (what we found), treatment options, how long treatment will take, what the next steps are and payment options.

Welcome to Our Practice

Island Smile Orthodontics

Is dedicated to providing you and your family with professional and personal orthodontic care. We strive to provide a setting where patients and their families can develop a bond with our team, knowing that their needs are of supreme importance to us. We treat every patient with dignity, respect and appreciation. Our purpose is not only to straighten teeth, but to improve lives through a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

When committing to orthodontic treatment, you are entering a long-term and special relationship with the orthodontist and his entire staff. A high level of caring and communication between patient, family and the orthodontic provider is vital to the ultimate success of treatment.

Our doctors and team set high standards of excellence for themselves and those to whom they provide service. During each visit, Dr. Rahimi or Dr. Newton will communicate treatment progress and any special instructions for the patient and parents.

Island Smile Orthodontics

Grand Cayman Orthodontics

What Makes Our Office So Unique?

  • Dr. Rahimi and Dr. Newton will personally diagnose your case and see you at every visit until your new smile has been achieved.
  • We are known for the incredible level of service we provide, and the fabulous results we are able to achieve. We are proud of our warm, home-like atmosphere, where patients and family are greeted and treated like guests.
  • You will always be able to reach us at either our office or our emergency number.
  • Most insurance plans are accepted. To help maximize your insurance benefits, we will submit forms for you to your insurance company.
  • Most importantly, we treat you like family, and that simple concept will make your treatment an extraordinary experience for all. We will do our best because we want each patient to have the best possible smile and feel comfortable in recommending us to their friends.